That moment when your loved one presented you with a promise of a future together was life changing. You probably had a wave of emotions overcome your entire body. I like to think this rush of love makes one more creative and adventurous. That creative rush is what inspired me to create this website.  When I moved to Camden Maine I felt there were so many beautiful and interesting options to host family and friends for a wedding reception. I grew up in New York and became very accustomed to the catering hall wedding venue. The catering hall venue is a nice option, but in my opinion, very boring. That is where Camden Maine comes in. Camden Maine, if you allow yourself to look outside of the box, has an array of options to entertain your family and forge new bonds while you pronounce your love for your partner.

Please consider a sea wedding, mountain top wedding, harbor view wedding, opera house wedding, or a Bed and Breakfast Wedding.  This website will give some ideas, but to talk about options, please call me. The Camden Windward House has a great getaway package, CHECK OUT CAMDEN FOR YOUR WEDDING. Lodging Package for Brides and Grooms to be in Camden Maine. This package comes with: a complimentary bottle of Prosecco, a free one hour wedding consultation to provide basic information about venues for ceremonies, catering, decorating and what’s possibilities are here in Camden Maine!

Packages Starting at $128.99. This price is good until May 1, 2012.