Wedding Makeup Tips Make A Statement With Your Wedding Day Makeup With Beauty Without Cruelty

Wedding Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Trends, How to Be Jawdroppingly Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day – Inside and Out

I think a lot of brides envision a Disney-esque preparation on their wedding day. Bluebirds and cute mice and squirrels wrap them in silk and ribbon, dressing them on their wedding day, with bunnies and deer, bringing beautiful objects from nature. It’s a nice vision, but Bambi wouldn’t approve of all cosmetics. 

Wedding Makeup Tips Beauty Without CrueltyBrides have many choices today. Among them are venue, menu, dress, theme, and many others. How does one make sense of so many facets and details for that one day? A suggestion? Begin with looking into yourself. Spend a few minutes orienting yourself around the reason you are choosing to get married. What is new and hopeful is what is courageous about marriage. This is the place to start. If you begin with the beginning in mind all the choices will fall into line. You will understand that the wedding is a symbol of what you hope for your future, what you hope for your contribution to the future. It’s very simple. And once you realize that all the clutter of static about the quality of what you are doing or your budget, or who you may or may not have to please or impress will disappear. In keeping with that thought I’d like to suggest that as a symbol of hopefulness and newness and the courage to do things differently you consider choosing organic and cruelty free personal products for your wedding day. Here’s another wedding makeup tip: What better way to feel good on the inside about how you look on the outside? You’ll project that even if no one else knows why. It is simply one more small thing that contributes to the big thing – your wedding day. I’m highlighting a great company in this article Ecco Bella. Sounds simply enough. This is a company that through it’s efforts – courageous hopeful at the beginning, but not very realistic (sound a little like daring to think your beginning will make a difference?)